Class Actions & Derivative Suits

FBC is a market leader in Class Actions and Derivative Suits. It is Israel’s leading firm in class action defense litigation, and over the last year alone has represented defendants in over 100 class actions.

FBC represents clients in some of the largest and most important class actions and derivative suits in Israel in all areas of law, including corporate and securities-related litigation, banking, insurance, antitrust, consumer goods, communications, environment, energy and labor law.

The practice is substantially enhanced by FBC’s experience and knowledge in the wide variety of substantive fields of law that class action claims and derivative suits bring into play. Relying on its considerable expertise in litigation, FBC helps its clients navigate both the certification stage and, where necessary, the substantive stage of class action cases, and advises clients in evaluating the complex web of potential risks and rewards that typically characterize class actions and derivative suits.

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ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies



Solgar, a producer of dietary supplements

Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, with regard to the application for approval of a NIS 4B class action, one of the largest ever commenced in Israel

The Jewish Agency for Israel, the world’s largest international Jewish organization

Israel’s leading banks, insurance, energy and communication companies, in a wide variety of matters

Lufthansa-Swiss, ABB and Samsung, in complex antitrust class actions and litigation