French Desk

Our office is home to a French Desk that is dedicated to providing legal advice in legal proceedings and issues in the Israeli-French legal arena.

Our French Desk associates apply the breadth of their expertise and substantial body of knowledge of both Israeli law and French law. The Desk’s legal team has deep-reaching working relationships with representatives of authorities in Israel and France, and they have widespread working relationships with lawyers around the world in diverse fields of law.

Our French Desk associates provide representation and advice to clients, in Israel and around the globe, covering substantial international proceedings in a variety of legal fields in Israeli and international law. In this context, the legal team is unique in its expertise in the fields of civil-commercial law in Israel, international commerce law and criminal-financial law. In the white collar macrocosm, our French Desk associates handle finance-related offenses that come under Israeli law, including fraud, corruption, tax and money laundering, online fraud offenses, public office corruption and more.

All associates have exhaustive background in managing and leading proceedings in international criminal law issues, including handling petitions for international legal assistance, transnational arrest warrants, multi-jurisdictional extradition requests, legal investigations, and more. The legal team provides in-depth legal opinions on local and international legal issues, with an emphasis on the Israeli and French legal systems.

Concurrently, the French Desk serves its clients with experienced legal teams with expertise in a wide range of fields, possessing legal education from France, and fluent in Hebrew, French and English.

The French Desk is headed by Mr. Dror Matatyahu, a partner and head of our firm’s White Collar practice, and a former senior in the Economic Department of the State Attorney's Office; and Ms. Garance Seroussi, a department associate, with legal education from France and Israel, and significant experience in the field of white-collar and economic offenses.

A Little on the Heads of the French Desk

Mr. Dror Matatyahu is a partner and head of the firm's White Collar practice, who previously served as a senior attorney in the State Office's Economic Department. Mr. Matatyahu has many years of experience in overseeing international cases in the field of white collar (financial offenses) and is considered one of the leading and best-known lawyers in Israel in the field. Mr. Matatyahu is consistently ranked in the highest-ranking group in local and international rating guides (such as Legal500). Mr. Matatyahu serves as chair of the International Forum - Israel and France of the Israel Bar Association.

Ms. Garance Seroussi is an associate in the firm's White Collar practice. Ms. Seroussi received legal education from the Sorbonne University in France and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has extensive experience and knowledge in the international crime field, with an emphasis on the connection between Israel and France. Ms. Seroussi has extensive familiarity and connections with a variety of entities involved in international criminal enforcement, and she maintains successful collaborations with them. Ms. Seroussi speaks Hebrew, English and French, all at mother tongue level. Ms. Seroussi is the Deputy Chair of the International Forum - Israel and France of the Israel Bar Association.

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