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Project Finance & Energy

FBC's Project Finance & Energy department is one of the leading practices in Israel and has counseled many of the world’s most prominent companies in Israel’s most significant projects and energy matters, totaling tens of billions of NIS.

FBC's expertise spans all sectors, from transportation, infrastructure and natural gas to energy, water and the photovoltaic (PV) energy field, with particular focus on the complex regulatory and real-estate aspects that are integral to this sector.

FBC combines its expertise in Project Finance & Energy with its strength in other related practice areas, enabling it to provide a comprehensive solution to both major multinational and domestic clients, including developers, contractors, and financial investors.

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China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, one of the world’s leading construction companies, in a tender for the construction of tunnels for a train route between Carmiel and Acre in northern Israel, valued at approximately NIS 1B

Hitachi, in a tender of the Israeli Electric Company, for the retrofit of its existing coal fired steam generators at its power generation facilities in Israel, valued at approximately $200M

Vinci Construction, one of the world’s leading construction companies

Colas Rail, world leader in road and railroad construction

Mekorot, Israel’s national water company