Insolvency & Restructuring

FBC has the leading Insolvency and Debt Restructuring practice in Israel. It represents debtors, creditors, companies, bondholders’ representatives and controlling shareholders, and has been involved in nearly all of Israel’s most significant debt arrangements, aggregating tens of billions of NIS in recent years.

FBC focuses on the restructuring of debt and equity interests in troubled companies, including negotiation with a variety of interest groups. Its experience in this field extends to complex reorganizations of multinational enterprises involving Israeli and non-Israeli parties and legal systems as well as appearance in Israeli and foreign courts.

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IDB Holding Corporation, the largest holding company in Israel, in several litigation proceedings regarding its subsidiary`s debt rearrangement and in the restructuring of its unsecured financial debt of approximately NIS 8B, consisting of several series of notes and unsecured obligations

Elbit Imaging, in the restructuring of its unsecured financial debt of approximately NIS 2.5B

Bondholders of Zim Integrated Shipping, in two (consensual) international debt restructurings, with respect to company debt of approximately $2.5B

Boymelgreen Capital, in the restructuring of its debt of approximately NIS 700M

Bondholders of Yellow Pages, in the restructuring of Yellow Pages’ debt of approximately NIS 350M

Bondholders of Japanauto Holdings, in the restructuring of Japanauto’s debt of approximately NIS 100M