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The field of immigration law in Israel has significantly developed in recent years, with new regulations enacted and various guidelines of the immigration and interior authorities published.

FBC provides Israel bound immigration law guidance and assistance, including applications for work permits and work visas (B-1) for foreign employees, experts and professionals being relocated to Israel, to multinational employers and individuals, across a wide spectrum of business and industrial sectors, including: automotive, aviation and aerospace, banking, communications, construction, energy, financial institutions, food and beverage, gaming, infrastructure, insurance, investment funds, life sciences and healthcare, manufacturing, media entertainment and sports, professional services, real estate, retail, technology, transportation, and more.

The process of obtaining a work permit and work visa in Israel may be complex, often takes a prolonged period of time, and involves fees and expenses for the employer. There are several categories of work permits in Israel, including annual permits for foreign experts and professionals, permits for foreign experts arriving in Israel for a short period of up to 90 days to complete a temporary task, permit for foreign employees for an accumulate period of 45 days per year, special permits for high-tech and cyber employees, and more.

FBC’s immigration team, part of our Labor & Employment practice, has extensive experience in providing strategic counsel on immigration law matters and relocation of foreign employees to Israel. As one of the leading law firms in Israel, FBC offers its clients comprehensive services, including guidance through application and filing (and, if needed, appeal) processes, representing foreign employees before the Ministry of Interior for the purpose of issuing work visas and multi-entry visas, negotiating and drafting employment contracts for foreign employees, advising employers regarding employment terms and legal rights of foreign employees, tax advise regarding employment of foreign persons in Israel, and more.

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אשרת שהייה ועבודה למשקיעים מארצות הברית, משפחותיהם ועובדים מומחים מטעמם

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