Tech Litigation

Our Tech Litigation field is a specialized area of expertise that offers substantial value in addressing legal conflicts that emerge in tech companies at various stages of their growth.

Leveraging our legal experience in technology-related matters, this field was established to meet the growing needs of the hi-tech industry and integrates with our firm’s already well-established Litigation and Hi-Tech practices. Our team of partners and associates are known for their extensive experience and strong reputation in handling complex litigation with innovative solutions to unprecedented market challenges. We offer comprehensive services within this framework, including pre-trial consultation and representation services for companies before all Israeli courts.

Our legal team has specialized expertise in providing counsel regarding litigation challenges and pre-crisis situations that may arise throughout the lifespan of tech companies, starting from establishment, through funding rounds and investor engagement, and up to the "exit" stage. We have a wealth of experience in providing legal counsel, guidance on strategic decision-making and effective strategy selection, as well as innovative solutions designed to address the distinctive challenges encountered in the hi-tech industry.

Attorneys in this practice consult clients on a variety of complex disputes in tech, including intellectual property and licensing disputes; investment rounds with complex financing agreements; earn-out payment disputes following an acquisition; and employee share option plan disputes. Our team operates with standards of professionalism and excellence that serve to protect the interests of the various parties, minimize conflicts, and achieve timely resolution, all while employing creative legal tools which are fine-tuned to match to the specific needs of each client.
Drawing on our understanding of the tech industry’s specific needs, and with a commitment to discretion and preservation of parties’ reputation, our legal experts in this field also offer mediation and arbitration services, alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution with which our team can provide a tailored solution for the specific requirements of each client in the technology sector.

Our expertise encompassing both litigation and the hi-tech industry enables our specialized team to provide comprehensive support for tech companies at every stage, representing them effectively in legal proceedings. We work closely with our clients’ management, both domestically and internationally, to deliver optimal results swiftly and efficiently.

Our clients in this field operate in a wide range of industries in tech including healthcare, cybersecurity, life sciences, telecommunications, and transportation. We offer our services to various clients, including innovative startups, mature tech companies, angel and strategic investors, institutional investors, venture capital funds and more.

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