FBC Regulatory practice is unparalleled when it comes to advising with respect to Israel’s most significant regulatory initiatives.

FBC has particular expertise in the interface between the business and public sectors and combines profound knowledge of markets subject to supervision and regulation, together with exceptional legal skills and a deep familiarity with decision-making processes in the public sector.

FBC has been involved in Israel’s largest and most influential reforms such as the allocation of royalties from natural gas, including government take and export, opening the mobile market to competition and the transition from franchises to commercial television.

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Telecom & Media – Bezeq (Israel’s largest telecom operator), Channel 10, News 10, Israel Today (Israel’s most widely distributed newspaper)

Energy – Ratio Oil Exploration (natural gas), Sonol (gas stations), Amisragas (residential gas), several PV providers

Transportation – The State of Israel (transfer of Israel’s rail transport to a government owned company), Colmobil (Israel’s largest car importer), Association of Car Importers in Israel, Israir (one of Israel’s major airlines)

Price Control & Supervision – Israel’s largest bakeries, Sonol (petroleum), Amisragas (residential gas), Bezeq, Nesher (cement) and Tnuva (dairy products)

Water – Mekorot