Real Estate

FBC is Israel’s market leader in Real Estate. It handles major international and local real estate transactions and has extensive experience in representing public and private real estate companies, entrepreneurs, developers, property owners and potential purchasers.

FBC’s real estate attorneys pride themselves, first and foremost, on their business acumen and ability to bring deals to closure, integrating the commercial sensitivities of attorneys experienced in handling large-scale business transactions with the in-depth knowledge of first-class real estate practitioners.

FBC’s real estate attorneys possess specialist expertise in handling complex urban renewal projects (specifically projects known as National Outline Plan 38/2), and provide clients with close and comprehensive support from the initial stages of contact between developers and owners through the project's conclusion.

The scope of FBC’s real estate activity is exceptionally broad, and encompasses all of the principal facets of a sophisticated transaction-based real estate practice: development projects, planning and zoning matters, income-yielding properties, sale and lease of real estate assets, real estate taxation and real estate litigation.

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Amot, one of the leading real estate development companies in Israel, in various purchases of office buildings, malls and land, as well as in its acquisition of Nes-Pan (which holds real estate property in Israel and abroad with an aggregate value of approximately NIS 450M)

Acro Group, in  several residential and commercial projects, with projected sales exceeding NIS 1B

REIT 1, Israel’s first REIT, in its formation and in numerous transactions

Clal Insurance, in various transactions to acquire all the rights of Melisron in the Hadar Talpiot Mall in Jerusalem and in the North Mall in Nahariya for approximately NIS 440M

Shikun & Binui Real Estate and Ganei Asherman Herzliya, in the acquisition of a plot of land including the building rights for 1,000 residential units in the city of Hadera, with an expected sale value of over NIS 1B