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Amit Pines


Mr. Pines is the head of FBC’s Insolvency practice and Sports Law practice.

Mr. Pines has an extensive and diverse experience in complex and comprehensive insolvency cases, and has broad experience in all matters relating to insolvency procedures.

Mr. Pines acts from time to time as liquidator, receiver or trustee of companies or other entities and, especially on behalf of commercial banks. Mr. Pines has handled, in various positions, some of the most complex and major insolvency cases (including liquidation and restructuring) in Israel.

Mr. Pines has vast experience in non-profit organizations` laws, after serving as liquidator and/or special administrator to substantial amount of non-profit organizations, including political parties and sport enterprises.

Mr. Pines represents major clients in complex and comprehensive commercial disputes, and deals with diverse legal matters, including representation in civil and commercial cases in court, arbitrations and serves as an arbitrator.

Insolvency & Restructuring

Arbitration & Mediation


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Insolvency & Restructuring

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Israel, 1990

Tel Aviv University, LL.B., 1989

הגשת בקשה למתן צו פתיחת הליכים בגין חוב ע”ס 910 מיליון ש”ח נגד אי די בי חברה לפתוח ע”מ בשם מחזיקי אג”ח ט’; הבקשה התקבלה ובהתאם ניתן צו פירוק ומונה נאמן לחברה

במסגרת הליווי השוטף של מחזיקי אג"ח ט' של אי די בי חברה לפתוח בע"מ, הגשנו בשם מחזיקי אג"ח ט בקשה למתן צו פתיחת הליכים ומינוי נאמן לחברת אי די בי חברה לפתוח בע"מ על רקע חוב בסך 910 מיליון ש"ח למחזיקי אג"ח ט', והיותה של החברה חדלת פירעון. בית המשפט קיבל את בקשתנו, הורה על...

Avraham Well & Amit Pines & Omer Salzberg | Oct 2020

Special Update – Corporate Governance and Insolvency Law amid the Coronavirus Crisis

Among its other consequences, the ongoing global outbreak of the Coronavirus has resulted in an economic crisis. In this legal update we present insolvency law issues which may arise during the crisis, and propose practical solutions for dealing with challenges that com...

Amit Pines & Avraham Well & Yoram Bonen & Boaz Noiman & Lihi Blumenfeld & Shoney Albeck | Apr 2020
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