Jonathan Libchik


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Mr. Libchik is a partner in the Planning and Zoning practice of our firm.

Mr. Libchik specializes in representing entrepreneurs and construction companies in litigation involved in planning proceedings, both with the various planning committees and in the courts.

Mr. Libchik advises his clients throughout the complex planning process, from consulting in the land purchase stage, to representation in the planning proceedings, in the licensing procedures and in proceedings to reduce the burden of the betterment levies.

In addition to his specialization in planning and zoning, Mr. Libchik has particular experience in administrative and public law and advises his clients in municipal taxation and business licensing.

With a combination of expertise and creativity, Mr. Libchik has successfully developed innovative legal constructs that have led to precedential rulings in the fields of planning and construction and administrative law.

Israel, 2010

LL.B., Tel Aviv University, 2009