Liron-Levy Lev


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Real Estate

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T 03-5689068

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Mr. Lev is a partner in the firm's Real Estate Department and Co-Head of FISCHER's Urban Renewal practice.

Mr. Lev provides representation on complex real estate transactions, including urban renewal projects, TAMA 38, residential, office and commercial projects, and purchase groups for real estate projects.

In addition, Mr. Lev represents clients before the Israeli Land Authority and Appeal Committees in appeals for decrease or amendment of permit fees and in regard to real estate appraisals. He also provides day-to-day advice to various companies on real estate matters.

Mr. Lev counsels clients in all stages of real estate transactions, from initiation and land purchase, finance and establishment, zoning issues, obtaining approval from local planning and permit authorities, agreements with builders and consultants, marketing of the project, and the registration of the project with the Israel Land Authority.

Mr. Lev also advises clients in the various phases of urban renewal projects, TAMA 38 and evacuation-construction, from initial negotiations until the finalization of the project, including proceedings with various local planning authorities, structuring the required collateral, leading legal proceedings vis-à-vis the Supervisor of Land Registration, registering the project and the new units with the Land Registration Bureau and the negotiating long-term of lease agreements with the Israel Lands Authority.

Mr. Lev is also involved in promoting legislation in the field of urban renewal and took part in drafting precedent setting legislation governing guarantees for urban renewal transactions, including TAMA 38 and evacuation and construction.