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Omri Rachum-Twaig, Dr.


Dr. Rachum-Twaig is an IP, IT and Cyber partner in FBC’s Corporate Department. Dr. Rachum-Twaig's practice concentrates on intellectual property, privacy and data protection, information security and commercial cyber issues, as well as technology and information-oriented transactions.

Dr. Rachum-Twaig provides legal counsel to individuals, private companies and public companies with respect to intellectual property, information technology, privacy and data protection, information security, internet law, artificial intelligence and media, and entertainment law, including with respect to patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, as well as other related areas, such as commercial cyber issues and dual-use technologies export.

Dr. Rachum-Twaig obtained a Ph.D. (Law) from Tel-Aviv University with a dissertation in intellectual property, focusing on copyright law doctrine and theory, and has published articles in various legal fields in leading academic journals worldwide, which were cited by the Israeli Supreme Court and other academic works. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), certified by (ISC)², the world's largest cyber security certification association.

Dr. Rachum-Twaig is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University, and teaches the commercial cyber law classes in the Tel-Aviv – Berkeley executive L.L.M. program and the Faculty's L.L.B. program. Dr. Rachum-Twaig is also a research fellow at the Federmann Cyber Security Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Rachum-Twaig was recently recognized as 40 Under 40 by TheMarker, one of Israel’s leading financial magazines. And is the author of “Copyright Law and Derivative Works: Regulating Creativity”, published by Routledge Press.

Prior to joining the firm and to his Ph.D. studies, Dr. Rachum-Twaig clerked for the Hon. Justice Yoram Danziger of the Israel Supreme Court.


Whose Robot is it Anyway?: Liability for Artificial-Intelligence-Based-Robots, 2020 U. ILL. L. REV. (Forthcoming, 2020)


Breaking Into an Empty House: A Theory of Remedies for CFAA Unauthorized Access to Non-Proprietary Information, Alb. L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2019) (with Ohad Somech)

A Function of Creativity: Copyright Protection for Functional Works and Useful Arts, in YORAM DANZIGER BOOK, HAMISHPAT (Forthcoming, 2019) (Hebrew)

The Right-Based View of the Cathedral: Liability Rules and Corrective Justice, 44 Pepperdine L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2017)

Recreating Copyright: The Cognitive Process of Creation and Copyright Law , FORDHAM INTELL. PROP. MEDIA & ENT. L.J. (Forthcoming, 2016)

A Genre Theory of Copyright, 33 SANTA CLARA HIGH TECH. L.J. (2016)

The (Curious) Incident of Copyright Protection of Gourmet Dishes, in FOOD & LAW – LAW SOCIETY & CULTURE (Forthcoming, 2016) (Hebrew)

The Rise of Business Judgment Rule and the fall of the Directors' Duty of Care, in JOSEF GROSS BOOK 27 (2015) (Hebrew) (With Yoram Danziger)

Specific Performance in the Absence of an Enforceable Contract and the Consent Prism – A Remedial Outlook at Anti-Discrimination Legislation, 38 TEL AVIV U. L. REV. (Iyunei Mishpat) (Forthcoming, 2015) (Hebrew) (With Nimrod Abramov)

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Reexamining the Justifications for Directors' Duty of Care, 35 CORPORATE LAWYER 265 (2014) (With Yoram Danziger)

Intellectual Property

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Israel, 2014

Tel Aviv University, PhD Law, 2017

Tel Aviv University, LL.B., 2013

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