Reut Arviv Elimelech

Senior Associate

Practice Areas

Planning & Zoning

Contact Details

T +972.3.526.6962
F +972.3.526.6955

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Mrs. Arviv Elimelech is a senior associate in FBC’s Planning & Zoning Department. Her practice concentrates on planning & zoning and litigation.

Mrs. Arviv Elimelech's practice handles the initiation, promotion, and support of city plans. Her practice also deals with planning-related litigation proceedings, such as the handling of objections and appeals regarding the city plans; "betterment" tax; claims for damages regarding city plans under Section 197 of the Planning and Zoning Law, and more. In addition, Mrs. Arviv Elimelech's practice handles the various stages of construction licensing and building permits.

Prior to joining FBC, Mrs. Arviv Elimelech was an associate at a leading Tel Aviv law firm.

During her law studies, Mrs. Arviv Elimelech served as a teaching assistant for several courses at the Haifa University Faculty of Law.