China Desk

FBC's China Desk offers professional and customized legal services to businesses operating in the Chinese market as well as Chinese entities and individuals operating in Israel.

FBC has considerable experience in commercial transactions involving leading Chinese and Israeli players, and offers its clients a team of highly professional attorneys, who have familiarity with both the Chinese and Israeli markets and regulatory considerations, and are positioned to identify and create business opportunities, assist in bridging the cultural differences, and close deals successfully.

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Raz Tepper Partner
Avraham Well Partner
Ron Sitton Partner
Yue Gao Legal Advisor

Bright Food Group, in its acquisition of the controlling interest in Tnuva at a company value of NIS 8.6B, and related refinance transactions valued at NIS 1.8B

Fosun, in its NIS 1.8B acquisition of the controlling stake in the Phoenix

The Chinese Embassy in Israel, in a variety of real estate matters

Real Imaging, in a $2.1M investment by China Everbright, as part of a $10.6M round

Nipendo, in a $8M investment by Horizons Ventures and Magma Ventures

NanoSpun Technologies, in a $5.25M investment by Horizons Ventures, Swire and the Technion