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Cybersecurity, IT & Data Protection

FISCHER's Cybersecurity, IT & Data Protection practice provides legal counsel on a wide array of cutting-edge technology-oriented legal matters including privacy, data protection, information security and commercial activities in web-based environments.

The practice offers clients legal advice, legal opinions, risk analysis, compliance assistance and transaction representation (development, sale, licensing and settlements) with respect to privacy and data protection, information-oriented transactions and data transfers, protection of intangible assets, information security and cybersecurity regulations, cybersecurity incident response and dual-use technology exportation, provided by tech-savvy lawyers including a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

FISCHER’s experienced Cybersecurity, IT & Data Protection team supports the entire spectrum of stakeholders including boards of directors, database owners, service providers and information-oriented businesses, including companies focusing on the development of information security technologies, big data, web intelligence (WEBINT) and data mining companies. The team also supports tech-giants, financial institutions and other leading multi-national organizations operating or collecting data in Israel with respect to local regulatory compliance.

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Isracard Ltd., representation of Isracard (Israel’s leading credit card company) in privacy and data protection matters; including engagement with the local data protection authority (ILITA).

Groupon Inc., representation of the Israeli subsidiary of Groupon Inc. with respect to privacy and data protection matters, consulting on the local privacy strategy, specifically with the launch of the company’s new website and mobile app.

Matrix Ltd., representation of Matrix, Israel’s leading IT implementation, infrastructures and consultancy company, and its subsidiary 2BSecure in various IT and cyber transactions and services provided to leading Israeli companies in various fields of activity.

Israel Discount Bank Ltd., representation of IDB (one of the top 3 banks in Israel) in privacy and data protection matters including engagement with the local data protection authority (ILITA). 

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